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Thread: BORG wrist bands

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    BORG wrist bands

    I know a couple of you hit me up on facebook for some of the BORG wrist bands.
    If you can get me an address I will just send you guys a bunch out - you were his family. fyi I still want to come visit and shoot with you all when I am back home!

    So send me an address and I will send out the bands for you guys if you would like them.

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    nice ...

    zvone je zakon, ako to već niste znali

    "pametni" kažu da je bolje biti glup nego ćelav, ne vidi se na prvi pogled

    smilić na kraju posta znači da je riječ o šali .....

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    So many requests!
    I think what I will do is send a bunch out to a forum mod / admin for them to give out, so I don't have to send so many parcels!
    I have a whole bunch here that I put aside for you all.

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